Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fantastic Firmoo Glasses

I've worn glasses since second grade, when my teacher finally mentioned to my mom that she had to move me to the front of the room so I could see the chalkboard.  I remember feeling like that first pair was a magical gift - I could finally see!

As I've aged, my eyesight has gotten progressively worse, so in addition to my contacts, I always keep a few pairs of glasses nearby.  In the past they've been ordered from Costco, mostly because it was easy.

From now on I'm purchasing all of my glasses from Firmoo. is a global online optical store, with a large selection of reasonably priced frames.  The pair I chose was only $36, which included free single vision prescription lenses.  Bifocals are available for an additional $22.95 more, and progressive lenses are an extra $36.95.  Much more reasonable than Costco or any other retailer I've tried.  Firmoo also carries reading, computer, and prescription sunglasses.

Ordering was a breeze.  With their Virtual Try On System I was able to upload a picture of myself and try different glasses to see which looked best.  I filled in my prescription, chose a size (also easily explained on the ordering page), and that was it.

I was thrilled with the glasses when they arrived, complete with a case and pouch, cleaning cloth and small screwdriver.  They are well made and sturdy, and the prescription is perfect.

And can we talk about how pretty they are?  Hot pink with a tortoiseshell frame  - totally up my alley.  They fit my face just right and are very comfortable.

The only downside was the shipping time.  It took almost a month for the glasses to arrive.  However, I spoke with their customer service representative, and she let me know that they were having trouble with their standard shipping company.  To compensate, Firmoo is currently offering express shipping for only $6.95, so that problem should be solved.

Overall, my experience with couldn't have been better.  I plan to order a pair of computer glasses from them since I spend most of my day staring at a monitor.  I give Firmoo a highly recommend!

**Disclosure:  I received a free pair of glasses from Firmoo for this review.  However, all opinions are my own**

Friday, February 27, 2015

Sharing Some Gratitude Part Nine

I cannot believe it's the end of February, and time for a look at the things I'm grateful for.  Time really does fly by.

--I'm grateful for the month of "love".  My husband and I have been making a real effort to go on date nights, AND not talk about work the whole time we're out.  He's not much of a Valentine's guy, but today he brought me these roses. I have no idea why but I am not complaining.

--I'm grateful for the weather.  Not trying to make the East Coasters feel bad, but we have honestly had the nicest winter I can remember.  February in Seattle is usually pretty miserable - cold, windy, gray and rainy.  We may pay for it this spring, but I'm loving the warm-ish, sunny days.

--I'm grateful for my new Crock Pot.  The last one was round and very old. I got this one for Christmas, and it has many settings and lots more space. There's a whole board devoted to it on my Pinterest page, and I'm always looking for new recipes.  I made Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta last week and it was a huge hit.

--I'm grateful for Instagram.  It has quickly become my favorite form of social media, and I love seeing everyone's pictures and inspirational quotes every day. If you haven't yet, follow me here.

--I'm grateful for these yayhoo's.  My son has the nicest group of friends. Every one of them is kind and respectful and they have T's back - always. Luckily they don't normally dress like this or I might have to rethink things. This was their "uniform" for the Macho Volleyball Tournament, a long standing Marysville tradition.

I hope you find what you are grateful for this month.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Return To Childhood...But I Know Why

Recently I've noticed an odd phenomenon with both of my boys.  They seem to have regressed back to their tween years.  Their attitudes and behavior haven't changed, thankfully.  No pre-teen angst or sulking.  But there's definitely something weird going on....

Exhibit A.  My almost twenty year old son announced this weekend that he wanted a fish aquarium for his room.  Um....okay.  We haven't had a fish in the house for at least ten years.  For us, fish were a "starter" pet before the boys moved on to fire belly toads and hamsters.  I have to say, Fred and the Three Oscars (yes, he named them himself) are kind of calming to watch as they swim around their new home.

It was very hard to get them all to hold still for a picture.

Exhibit B.  Guitar Hero on the Wii, as opposed to the XBox Zombie/Halo games that they've been playing for the last few years.  In recent weeks, T has recruited all of his friends for epic Guitar Hero battles.  I think the guitars had an inch thick layer of dust on them when they were pulled from the game cabinet, but no matter!  Friday nights now sound like jam sessions instead of a war zone.

Exhibit C.  Goldfish crackers.  These were pretty much a food group in our house when the boys were growing up, but I hadn't purchased them in years. On a whim, I grabbed some on my last trip to the store.  It was like I brought home the golden ticket!  Such excitement over crackers.  Guess I don't need to figure out what to get them for birthdays anymore.

Exhibit D, which is the greatest of them all.  C and T are really interested in hanging out with mom and dad.  On Sunday mornings they mosey into the kitchen and ask what the plan is for the day.  What, you mean with us?

I have a thought about all this regression, although I'm sure the boys would deny my theory.  There are precious few months (eighteen, to be exact - yes, I'm counting) left until they both move out and onto the next stage of their lives.  I don't even want to think about it, but they have.  

And although they're excited and ready to get on with it, a part of them is scared and nervous about the journey ahead.  So fish as pets, Guitar Hero, goldfish crackers and hanging out with mom and dad sound pretty good right now.

I'm not complaining.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Create28 With Carrie - Spring Transition

It's the last week of Create28 With Carrie and today I'm focusing on a Spring transition outfit.  

Spring has been on my mind lately, since it feels like we completely skipped winter.  I can't remember another winter season where we didn't have a single snowflake.  Even though the sunshine and warmer temperatures have been nice, I've missed having at least a few snowy days.  I apologize to my friends on the East Coast who have had more than their share!

A boyfriend cardigan and lightweight scarf make perfect transition pieces since they keep you warm without being bulky, and can be removed as the day gets warmer.  The fuschia color brightens up the look, and the floral infinity scarf reminds me spring will really be here soon.

The perfect spring transition footwear?  Toms.  I've decided they are my favorite shoe ever.  Comfortable and cute.  I've got quite a collection going, but I tend to wear these blue ones more than any other - which is obvious by how worn out they're looking.  Darn shopping ban!

Be sure to check out Carrie's blog to see how she styled her Spring transition outfit!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Day I Got Engaged

I had planned to link up last week with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday, but then I got a three day migraine and forgot to join them.  But since it's still February, I thought I'd share our love story today.

I think I've mentioned a time or two that my husband and I are high school sweethearts.  We went on our first date in ninth grade.  I think G actually had a crush on one of my best friends, but she already had a boyfriend, and asking me out was the next best thing.  We were only fifteen and neither of us had a driver's license so his mom dropped us off for dinner at a local restaurant.  

Throughout high school we dated off and on - mostly on.  Every once in a while one of us would decide we wanted to date other people, and the usual teenage drama ensued.  My poor parents.  But we always ended up back together, and by the time we were seniors we were pretty inseparable.

We attended the same college for four years, although we never did live together.  My Catholic mama would have had a heart attack!  In May of 1989 we graduated from Washington State University, and being the romantic that I am, I started expecting a proposal any day.

But I waited.  And went to lots of weddings.  And waited.  And watched friends pick out dresses and flowers.  And waited.  I was like Waity Katey, before that became a thing.

We were both living at home with our parents, working full time, and seeing each other as often as we could.  We talked about marriage on occasion, and I figured a proposal had to be coming any time now.  Right?

But I was still waiting.  After the fifth wedding of college friends, I was getting kind of....angry and impatient.  We were adults, and had been dating since we were fifteen.  Obviously we knew each other well.  G said he wanted to get married someday, but I was starting to think that our definitions of someday were different.  In my usual "worst case scenario" fashion, I had talked myself into thinking that he didn't want to marry me at all, but didn't know how to break it off after so much time.  I finally told him that if he didn't see our relationship moving to the next level, we should go our separate ways.  

While I was busy being difficult and ridiculous, he was saving money and researching diamond rings.  G can be a man of few words, so while I was ranting and raving, he was quietly making plans, waiting for just the right time to propose.  Oops. 

In April I planned a special dinner out in Seattle for his 23rd birthday.  G was going to pick me up from work in Bellevue and we would head across the bridge and into the city.  I left the store and headed outside to wait for him.  He finally pulled up in a big stretch limousine.  When he jumped out wearing a suit, I was speechless.

He seemed nervous and a little distant.  Well, this is it, I thought.  He's finally going to break up with me. We stared out the windows as the driver took us into Seattle.  I was waiting for the bad news, and he was about to pass out from anticipation.

Suddenly G turned to me and started talking about our relationship - where we had been, what we had gone through.  I was barely listening.  All I could think about was how this was really the end - after eight years he was breaking up with me in the back of a limousine on his birthday.  

When he asked me to marry him and pulled the ring from his pocket, I was completely stunned and unprepared.  A moment earlier I had been planning what to say about our inevitable break up.  The poor guy had been hoping for an immediate yes, so he just stared at me, wondering why I wasn't answering.

I eventually came to my senses and said yes.  G had planned to propose at the restaurant, but he was so nervous he couldn't contain himself.  There are no pictures or video footage, but I can assure you that the love and excitement we felt that day was worth the year of waiting. 

Our engagement photo, taken by my brother
It's been almost 25 years since he proposed, and I'm still so thankful that I said yes.  My husband is the kindest, most loyal man, and he would do anything for me or our boys.

Plus he loves me even though I'm a crazy person who thinks my wedding proposal is a goodbye speech.  Who would rent a limousine to break up with someone?  Only I would go there.  Apparently I should be writing bad romance novels instead of this blog...

Monday, February 23, 2015

All Glammed Up Take Two

Remember way back on Friday when I wrote that I never watch the actual Academy Awards ceremony?  I decided to go ahead and give it a try this year, and it wasn't too bad.  It helped that I was able to DVR the show and fast forward through all the boring parts.  Plus, I think Neil Patrick Harris is adorable, and while he's no Ellen, he did a pretty good job.

I discovered a few new movies to put on my Netflix, and overall I found the acceptance speeches that I watched to be heartfelt and to the point.  I love that JK Simmons won for best supporting actor - I think he's so talented and underrated.  My boys said, "Hey, that's the guy from the insurance commercials".  Sigh.

My favorite part of the whole show was Julie Andrews.  Is there anyone more beautiful, elegant and lovely in all of Hollywood than Julie Andrews? 

In honor of the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music, Lady Gaga sang a medley of songs from the film.  I have to admit, I was a little concerned about that choice.  But she gave a beautiful performance, and it was the best I've ever heard her sing.

It's a good thing I enjoyed the ceremony, because I found the red carpet to be very ho hum, and there wasn't a single dress that wowed me.  Meryl Streep looked lovely in her three piece ensemble by Lanvin, and Rosamund Pike in Givenchy and Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein Collection were my favorite looks.

I wonder how my Aunt's party in Las Vegas is going?  I bet they're having a lot more fun than the attendees at the Academy Awards!

Friday, February 20, 2015

All Glammed Up And No Place To Go

The Style Me Bloggers are back today sharing our glamorous Oscar looks - hair, makeup and gowns.  I have two things to say about this subject:

-I am many things, but nobody has ever called me glamorous.  Cute, maybe - but glamorous, no.  If I was ever invited to the Academy Awards, some poor stylist would have their work cut out for them.

-Up until Wednesday, I didn't realize the Oscar's were this weekend.  I very rarely watch the actual show since I usually haven't seen any of the movies that are nominated.  I do, however, always catch the red carpet to see the gorgeous gowns the stars are wearing.

Every year, my aunt and her friends head to Las Vegas for Oscar weekend. They rent a huge suite, wear over the top dresses from the thrift store, and have a big party.  I asked her to send me a picture from last year, but apparently photos aren't allowed!  Maybe I'll plan something like that one of these days.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite Oscar looks from years past.

Vivien Leigh won the Best Actress Oscar in 1939 for Gone With The Wind. Her silk Irene Gibbons floral print gown was soft and flowy, and the exact opposite of the restrictive costumes she had to wear during filming.

Ahhh...Grace Kelly.  She looked beautiful in everything, but I really love this satin Edith Head gown she wore to the Oscars in 1955.

The sixties were all about Elizabeth Taylor, but my favorite look is this yellow, spaghetti strap sheath dress that Julie Andrews wore in 1964.  Her hair, makeup and accessories are perfect. 

I'm passing right through the 70's, because it's my least favorite fashion decade.  How about Cher in Bob Mackie's sheer gown in 1988?  If I had a body like hers, I'd show it off too.  Well, probably not, but it's fun to think about.

Helen Hunt wore this beautiful satin column dress by Tom Ford for Gucci when she won the Oscar in 1998 for As Good As It Gets.  Such a pretty color and I love the wrap.

Julia Roberts looked beautiful in 2001 in this velvet and satin Valentino dress from his vintage collection.

My very favorite Oscar dress was worn last year by Cate Blanchett.  Her Armani Prive nude gown was stunning.  It was sprinkled with swarovski crystal appliques, and she sparkled every time she moved.  The silhouette was perfect for her, and I loved the sheer cap sleeves.

I can't wait to see what the stars wear this Sunday.  Could somebody let me know who wins the awards?

Be sure to check out the other Style Me Bloggers today, and link up with us below!

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